Trusted Associates

Looking for dog professionals is difficult, and sifting through all of the options can often be overwhelming.

This is why we wanted to provide recommendations, based on ours and our clients' own experiences, to help you find the perfect professional for you and your dog. 

Claire's Dog Care

Claire is an experienced and qualified dog groomer, who shows the utmost care and compassion for your dog. She understands the needs of those pooches who may be nervous, and makes sure they are as comfortable as possible throughout their treatments. 

We also work together when needed, to help your dog feel safe and secure in the salon - making their haircut the pleasurable experience it should be! 

Address: 104 Buriton Road, Winchester, Hampshire. SO22 6JF.


Telephone: 07930 511 452

James Tier Photography

James is a knowledgable and skilled photographer, who works with both digital and film images. He has a knack for creating beautiful compositions, and the quality of his work speaks for itself. 

Not only is the end product wonderful to look at, but the photoshoot is an enjoyable experience. James is the epitome of patient and kind, and he has experience working with nervous and reactive dogs, meaning you and your pooch are in safe hands.  

Based in Hampshire. 


Your Dog's Club

YDC is a family-run business, specialising in providing you with UK-sourced and ethically produced dog food, toys, and accessories. 

They work with the team at All About Dog Food to ensure the food they supply is some of the best available, and offer their whole range at a bargain price. They also offer a wide range of one of our favourite toy brands, KONG, and a huge range of tasty, healthy treats. 

Their community is also a hub of knowledge, and you can regularly read some of our blog pieces on their site.