About Us

Step Up is a partnership between two dog behaviour specialists.


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Leanne has spent the last 18 years studying animal behaviour and welfare whilst working alongside a range of different species, from wild animals in South Africa to British wildlife and domestic animals. After completing a BSc (Hons) in Animal Welfare and Behaviour, she decided to specialise in canine ethology.  In 2014, she began working with an assistance dog charity, overseeing the training and development of puppies and adolescent dogs.


After owning a variety of dogs throughout her life, Leanne co-founded Step Up so she could help dog-owners to build more positive and balanced relationships with their dogs. She utilises her vast amounts of knowledge and experience, with both human and canine

learning, to help owners effectively communicate with and train their dogs - all-the-while improving their bond.


She currently has two rescue dogs of her own. Ralphie, who is 10 years old, now prefers a quiet and peaceful life, although he loved doing agility in his heyday. Cassie is 2 years old and is the perfect mix between weird and wonderful. Like many rescue dogs, Cassie didn’t have a good start to life and, as a result, can be fear-reactive to some dogs and men. Leanne is now working with her to overcome her fears and help her feel more comfortable and relaxed in all environments. 


Alyssa has been working and studying in the field of animal behaviour since 2011, making the decision to specialise in dogs in 2016. Before this, she was employed as an Animal Welfare and Behaviour Advisor for a British zoo. 

During her career with dogs, she has worked with hundreds of pet dogs and assistance dogs-in-training with great success. She has also accomplished academic credentials, including a BSc(Hons) in Zoology and an MSc in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law. 

Whilst she has helped many dogs and owners to find success, in 2018 she adopted her own project dog, Dougal. He had a bite history and severe fear-aggression of dogs and people, and at the age of only 18 months found his fifth and final home with Alyssa. He has now started to overcome his fears and is developing into a wonderful pet. You can follow their adventures on the Facebook page 'Alyssa and Dougal'.

Alyssa now specialises in helping anxious and reactive dogs, with a focus on co-operative care.